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Take A Bough

This month definitely belongs to the trees and autumn leaves will demand your constant attention, though personally I think they’re beautiful on the tree, on the ground or just falling through the air …

A splash of bright colours can rock your world this season. Try to imagine a corner of your garden with the towering pampas grass cortaderia selloana, better known as Sunningdale Silver. The Cotinus smoke bush is another  beautiful grass that will add a rich, flame-like presence to any area.

As winter approaches grasses can really come into their own, aligning themselves in the lee of a breeze, or in  calmer corners simply standing proud, highlighted by dew or frost. They can make a big impact on even the simplest of gardens.

Before you go rushing off to the garden centre, you might have a bit of work to do as this time of year can also be  quite laborious in terms of keeping on top of things. Here’s a list of some of the typical chores to be carried out in autumn:


  • Put any tender plants under cover before the first frosts arrive
  • Plant or move evergreens and conifers while soil is still warm
  • Plant spring bedding such as wallflowers and polyanthus
  • Plant spring bulbs
  • Plant pots for winter and spring display


  • Tidy perennials, removing dead stems but leaving seed-heads for birds to eat
  • Plant deciduous trees, shrubs and climbers
  • Lay new lawns providing the soil is not too wet
  • Batten down the hatches, ensuring nothing can blow about or couse damage on windy nights

Aija Putka