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Garden Design

The full design process broken down into stages …


Knowing Me, Knowing You

Upon getting in touch for an initial consultation, we’ll arrange to meet you and discuss your garden and introduce you to the way we work.

At this stage, we’ll find out your tastes and requirements, while also noting any potential issues with the space in question with a view to creating a brief.

Following on from that, we’ll go away and come up with some plans and a quote for the first stage of the design so you know where you are with everything.

Garden Survey

An accurate survey will be needed before we can undertake any real design work and will generally be completed by ourselves. On occasion, we’ll employ a land surveyor for larger, more complicated plots.

The survey will detail the buildings, boundaries, existing features and levels required for the preparation of the new garden design.

Outline Plan

The design is made up of an overall artist’s impression, or mock-up, along with several additional pictures to allow you to fully visualise the finished project.

The plan acts as a test bed, so we can talk through in detail what we’re going to do and make any changes if necessary. It will also act as a blueprint for project phasing if needs be.

Layout Plan Construction Drawings

The Layout Plan will include all the details from which a landscape contractor will cost, set out and actually build the garden. Additional drawings may be needed for specific areas and features, and will be appended to the main Layout Plan.

Planting Plan

The Planting Plan details the locations and settings of all the plants, both old and new. An accompanying Schedule will further list the different plant names, sizes and quantities for costing and ordering as well as their actual placement in the design.