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Preparing Your Lawn For Summer

To enjoy your lawn during a long, glorious summer, you really need to start preparing it in spring, with March being the month the serious work begins.

The rake comes into its own as all leaves and surface rubbish need to be removed. It’s a good time to think about  grass seed and fertilizer so keep an eye out for special offers at your local retailers. Also have a look at your mowers and strimmers to ensure they’re in good working order.

Once you’re all set, remember not to over-water your lawn early on, because allowing the soil to dry out between rain and watering can lead to deeper roots and a healthier lawn in the long term.

If you suffered from some heavy winter frosts in your area, it’s always a good idea to settle the turf of your lawn with some light rolling.

You then need to take care with the first cut: don’t go all out at first as this can often cause yellowing in the grass itself and isn’t good for the ush green “Wimbledon” look that we all crave! I’d recommend just cutting about a quarter of the length of a blade initially. Then maybe apply some moss dragon city generator free download killer and let nature take its course for a while …