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Cloud Forest Conservation Programme

Ecuador is considered one of the 17 mega-diverse countries in the world. The nation’s drastic geographic and climatic variations have led to the evolution of thousands of species of flora and fauna. It is home to the rain forest, cloud forest, mountains, islands, deserts, valleys and snow-capped volcanoes.

La Hesperia is a nature reserve located in Ecuador in the Pichincha province, in the western range of the Andes. The station works in natural conservation, combatting deforestation, protecting existing forest, restoring degraded areas and searching for sustainable activities that enable us to support the reserve and to offer a better way of life for the local community as well as those who work and live at the reserve.

La Hesperia is also striving to become a model of integrated farming where agricultural practices complement it’s primary objective of preserving the natural forest.

Some photos from Ecuador


These berries are a vital part in everyday birds diet.



You can’t not notice the constant police presence in the streets of capital Quito. And seeing it on every corner doesn’t necesserely makes you feel safer, no, you feel threatend.


Traffic jam in the capital.


Mesmerizing view from the window of the dining room. It’s a privilege that has been given to the ecotourists-volunteers like me and wich i know will last in my memory forever.


Cleaned and off you go for the next round in the forest cleaning.


Quito, the capital of Ecuador, founded in 16th century on the ruins of an Inca city. It is the only capital in the world to be directly menaced by an active volcano. Also it is the first city in the world that was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.



Forest in the fog.


Cloud rainforest at an altitude of 2000m, an idyllic place for a lodge. It’s a great chance to observe the amazing ecosystem and fauna that the Cloud forest presents. Volunteers live 2-4 people per room. Working schedula – waiking up at 6, breakfast at 7.30,work begans at 8 and finishes at 5pm with lunch break from 12am to 2pm.




The wildlife in Ecuador is extremely diverse and fascinating.


Banana flower is amongst the most widely consumed foods in South America.


Tongarini tree nursery – this is a place were life of a new tree begins.